All 3 of my children have attended the nursery in Sawston. All of them have loved every moment and have been very happy here. The staff are fantastic and support the children every step of the way and prepare them very well for school. Their facilities are excellent and also provide a great variety of catering. I highly recommend Sawston Nursery to any family!

A. Thompson

“I couldn’t wish for better care and developmental stimulation for my children, from 5 months right through to pre-school. Through the years there, my eldest has made lasting relationships with room staff and must love her day there because often she’s reluctant to leave in the evening!”

“Sawston Nursery is a great place for my daughter to start her education journey in a caring and inspiring environment. Over the last years, you can see the magic start to happen and her confidence grows. We don’t speak English at home, but you can see her vocabulary increases, and the happiness spreads across her face. The staff are all very friendly and welcoming and does a great job. We are delighted with our daughter’s experience of Sawston Nursery and we can’t recommend it highly enough!”

T. Vico