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Sawston Nursery is a great environment for children with food allergies. Allergies are handled sensitively and the team are able to accommodate extensive dietary requirements while providing a varied menu which is both nutritious and interesting to a toddler. Shortly after our son started at Sawston Nursery he had an allergic reaction at lunchtime and the situation was handled brilliantly. Staff were very calm on the phone when they called us and skillfully diffused what could have been a very stressful few minutes. By the time we arrived our son seemed happy and not at all distressed, despite his situation, which we consider evidence of how quickly he was treated and how well he had been comforted.

All 3 of my children have attended the nursery in Sawston. All of them have loved every moment and have been very happy here. The staff are fantastic and support the children every step of the way and prepare them very well for school. Their facilities are excellent and also provide a great variety of catering. I highly recommend Sawston Nursery to any family!

A. Thompson

I couldn’t wish for better care and developmental stimulation for my children, from 5 months right through to pre-school. Through the years there, my eldest has made lasting relationships with room staff and must love her day there because often she’s reluctant to leave in the evening!

Sawston Nursery is a great place for my daughter to start her education journey in a caring and inspiring environment. Over the last years, you can see the magic start to happen and her confidence grows. We don’t speak English at home, but you can see her vocabulary increases, and the happiness spreads across her face. The staff are all very friendly and welcoming and does a great job. We are delighted with our daughter’s experience of Sawston Nursery and we can’t recommend it highly enough!

T. Vico

After being absent from the world of work for five years and caring for my partner, I was excited to join Sawston Nursery but also anxious. I needn’t have worried as I have never felt so welcome or supported. I feel I could chat to management and all staff at any time to discuss anything, and that is a rare and pleasant find.


What I love about Sawston Nursery is that I have the opportunity to further develop my understanding of child development. Furthermore, I am able to provide quality care and interactions with children.

I think if you love children and like working as part of team, Sawston Nursery is the right place to be.


I started working at the nursery back in 2012 as a lunch cover assistant. I immediately knew that I had found my vocation.

With support and training from my colleagues and the management team I quickly progressed and gained my level 3 diploma in childcare and was encouraged to apply for the room leader position in our baby and toddler rooms soon after.

The knowledge I have gained over the years makes me wish that I had started a career in childcare much earlier. Not only is it a fulfilling job, but the role also offers invaluable skills in raising children which have been beneficial with raising my own two boys (who are now towering teenagers!)

Each day offers a new challenge, but the rewards, satisfaction and fun the children give back make the job worthwhile and satisfying.

I have to say, that I look forward to going to work each morning and enjoy my career I have chosen working at Sawston Nursery.


I enjoy working for Sawston Nursery as they make me feel valued and support me both professionally and personally.


I have been working at Sawston Nursery for almost 5 years and I am fortunate to be part of a fabulous team of individuals with varied skills and knowledge of childcare. Sawston Nursery is a lovely place to work where we consider ourselves to be a family of professionals who provide excellent care for children. I thoroughly enjoy my role and look forward to coming to work each day where I am able to use my skills and support the daily running of the nursery.


I have been working for Sawston Nursery for nearly six years as the Head of Nursery/SENDCo. I am committed with my team to ensure children attending the nursery have the best start in life and feel safe, secure, and welcomed. The nursery is a lovely place to work, and I am proud to be part of a dedicated team of passionate nursery practitioners who support me in the running of the nursery.


We asked some of the children at Sawston Nursery, “What do you like doing at Nursery?”

I like to play outside with my friends.


I like Nursery and we get to eat our food all together on one table.


I like to play with all the toys at Nursery.


I love everything at Nursery.


I like cooking pancakes in the kitchen.


I draw a caterpillar on the board. I use white chalk.


I like running in the garden.


I like to squeeze the water with the purple one. (Pipette)


I like the toys, they are quite special. I like beebots and now we are learning about Space.


I like drawing my family and I put my name on my pictures now.


I like all the toys at Nursery. I like doing painting and stamping and drawing.


I like trucks. I like pickup trucks. I like digging in the sand.