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My son has been at Sawston nursery for over 2.5 years and attends the setting for 4 days a week. He has been in 3 out of the 4 rooms at the nursery. Throughout his time there he has grown and developed in ways which simply would not be possible at home. He has learnt new skills and developed lovely friendships with both the staff and his peers. He thoroughly enjoys going to nursery each day. 

The nursery staff take an interest in the children’s interests and focus play and learning around them. The outdoor space is engaging and is one of the areas my son loves the most. We especially like the free flow aspect of the indoor and outdoor spaces in all the rooms. The nursery staff also occasionally take the children out to the nearby woods and to local places, which is another aspect we love.

We are kept very well informed of his daily activities and behaviour at nursery at pick up every day. We also have a well written summary report at parents evening showing the progress my son is making in the various key areas of learning and development.

We will be sad to say goodbye to Sawston Nursery at the end of this school year when my son transitions to school, but we thoroughly recommend it to all parents looking for a caring, nurturing, and welcoming nursery.


Sawston Nursery is brilliant! Our son joined Sawston Nursery in September at 10 months old. As parents we were understandably anxious about him starting and how he would cope with the transition. All the staff, especially his key person, have been excellent in helping him settle and supporting us as well. One thing that stands out is how well all the staff, including management, know the children in the setting, a lovely personable touch. Staff are always happy to engage in conversation and answer questions – it really shows how much they care. The communications (email and Tapestry) received from the nursery is well detailed and responses are always prompt.

We are really happy with Sawston Nursery and look forward to watching our son develop and grow there in the coming years.


We feel very lucky to be able to send our three-year-old daughter to Sawston Nursery. She absolutely loves her time in the nursery and barely looks back to say goodbye at the morning drop off. The staff are full of enthusiasm and set up fantastic activities for the children. I love that the nursery encourages parents and grandparents to be involved with their child’s room and to regularly engage with their learning and development.  I feel that all the staff know our daughter very well and she feels very comfortable with all of them. I would also like to mention how great the catering is at the nursery; the children eat very well-balanced meals, and our daughter absolutely loves the food. Our eldest daughter (now at primary school) also attended Sawston Nursery and she had the same wonderful experience.


We are really happy with the care our son receives at the nursery. His socialising with other children and adults has been great, and his confidence and development are ahead of targets (following 1 year doctors’ assessment). It is largely because of this that we decided to add an extra day a week as we can see the benefit it has for him. The Buttercup Team are very friendly, and we always get a good run down of the day when we collect our son, followed by his daily diary within about 30mins max of leaving.


Our daughter has been attending Sawston Nursery from Sept. 2022, and she loves it. She is very happy to go in every morning which reflects the love, care, dedication, and patience of the members of the Nursery. The transition and change of the room have been flawless and our daughter, loves to play with her peers in all the rooms. She has progressed a lot in terms of her communication and expressions. She is learning a lot and becoming a confident, well-mannered child. It’s a heartfelt appreciation to all the staff for all their efforts and love!


Our son has been attending Sawston Nursery since he was 1 year old. He feels loved and safe here, so much so that he runs into their arms and doesn’t even look back to wave his parents goodbye! The staff has always been very attentive, accommodating, and inclusive. They always keep us updated not only about daily activities but also key milestones. There are regular parent consultations to discuss child’s progress and identify key areas of development. The Nursery itself has clear policies that are communicated to the parents and the space is well organised to suit the child’s needs and activities. I would highly recommend this nursery to any prospective parent.


We have known Sawston Nursery for more than 9 years, as two of our children are lucky to be taken care of there. We cannot stress enough how we appreciate and value the amazing job the whole team is doing, from kitchen personnel to every room carer, including the lovely admin team. The care, commitment, and support shine through on an everyday basis. Our child is very happy, eats, and sleeps better than at home, is exposed to lots of educational activities and develops at a great pace. We are very grateful for all the hard work and deduction.


I am very happy to send my daughter to Sawston Nursery. Every staff member is friendly and approachable, and they provide an impressive range of fun activities. The food provided is excellent and I feel relieved that my very fussy toddler enjoys healthy meals whilst at nursery. My daughter comes home with a big smile on her face, singing lots of songs that she learnt at nursery. The weekly newsletter e-mails keep me updated with any key information and it is easy to log into Tapestry to find out how my daughter has got on that day. Would highly recommend this nursery.


From the moment our son joined Sawston, we have witnessed remarkable growth in him. The nurturing environment Tina, and the team provide has been instrumental in developing his interests, confidence, and physical development. Playtime, we believe, is where children learn the most, and the opportunities you provide for imaginative and collaborative play have been outstanding. It’s been a delight to hear him excitedly share stories of his adventures and the fun he’s had with friends at the nursery.


I have been a parent of Sawston Nursery since 2019 and a parent Trustee for almost three years. Over that time, I have seen two sides of conduct of the Nursery both as a service user and Director; and the commitment that the staff have to the children is one to be celebrated.

I originally enquired about a space for my eldest child on word of mouth locally, where it was noted by a member of staff from a local primary school that children from Sawston Nursery are remarkably well-prepared for school. My two children have been extremely happy at the setting, where staff have quickly learnt their individual needs, encouraging growth and development at a pace that is right for them. Curriculum and activities are carefully put together and our children have quickly formed strong bonds with the staff. The dedication of the staff can be seen in everything from the healthy food that is prepared for the children through to the music classes that are offered to all children at no extra charge. I can now attest to the advice that I was given about children starting their school education, whereby my eldest daughter adjusted quickly and independently to reception, in no small part because of the work of the Sawston Nursery staff. I always felt that my children were safe and well-settled at the Nursery, even before becoming a parent Trustee.


My son is attending Sawston Nursery since he was a baby. Nursery is a second home to my son, and he loves his time in the nursery. The nursery has a lovely, warm, and inviting culture. All the staff members call the children with their name which shows that they know each and every child in the nursery. I can’t thank enough to all the staff members for their hard work, love, dedication, patience with the children and for keeping personal belongings in order (toys, clothes), helping with training, caring when children are not feeling well, making everyday a fun environment to go to which is very important. My son is thriving due to diversified activities in the nursery.

We feel so lucky to have been able to secure a place and are so grateful to the team at Sawston Nursery.


Sawston nursery has been great for our son who started his education journey about 3 months ago. We are also very happy with the nursery and the kind of care provided has been amazing. We are reassured when our son is at nursery with a team and friends who genuinely care. He really enjoys playing with his toys (especially dinosaurs and cars) and most importantly the outside activities. Highly recommend it.


To My Lovely Management Team,

I would like to express my deep gratitude to all of you. Thank you for your unwavering trust, care, support, and assistance throughout the journey. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to work in such an amazing team, as you are the most valuable asset in my professional career.

Whenever I faced challenges and difficulties, you selflessly extended your helping hands, offering me encouragement and assistance. Your trust has made me feel immensely honored, while your care has provided me with warmth and peace of mind. Whether it’s in work or life, I can feel your support and encouragement.

Without your help and support, I wouldn’t have achieved what I have today in this work environment. You are a truly outstanding team, and each one of you has made significant contributions to the success of the team. I am incredibly proud to be a part of this team.

Thank you for your trust, care, support, and assistance. I believe that in the days to come, we will continue to work hand in hand and achieve even greater accomplishments.


I have worked at the Nursery since I was 16 years old (11 years!). Starting off as an Apprentice, then qualifying to be a Nursery Assistant and then working my way up to become a Deputy Room Leader. I can hand on my heart say that the Nursery has a wonderful ‘family feel’ to it and, even after having a 10 month break away, I couldn’t keep myself away and wanted to return because I genuinely love working here. I’ve always felt incredibly supported and have built so much confidence in myself over the years because of what working at the Nursery has provided for me. It is a place that will forever hold a very special place in my heart, and I feel very grateful and lucky to work in such a lovely place, where I’ve made friends/family for life. And to be able to build really special relationships with the children and their families is unbelievably rewarding.


I am writing this testimony to express my deep appreciation and satisfaction for being a part of the exceptional team at Sawston Children’s Nursery. As a dedicated member of staff, I have had the privilege of working in this esteemed institution, and I can confidently say that it has been an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience.

From the very beginning of my journey at Sawston Children’s Nursery, I was welcomed into a warm and supportive environment. The nursery’s management and staff members have created a culture that values collaboration, professional growth, and the well-being of both the staff and the children in our care. I have felt truly appreciated, respected, and encouraged to excel in my role.

The professionalism and dedication exhibited by my colleagues have been truly inspiring. Every staff member at Sawston Children’s Nursery shares a genuine passion for early childhood education and a commitment to providing the best possible care and education to the children entrusted to us. The teamwork, mutual support, and open communication among the staff members have created a positive and harmonious work environment, where everyone’s strengths and contributions are valued.

The nursery’s commitment to providing a high-quality educational experience is exceptional. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed, incorporating both structured learning activities and play-based exploration. It is tailored to the individual needs and interests of the children, allowing them to develop their skills, knowledge, and creativity. The nursery’s emphasis on promoting holistic development and fostering a love for learning has been evident in the growth and progress I have witnessed in the children under our care.

Sawston Children’s Nursery also prioritizes the well-being and safety of the children. The facilities are well-maintained, inviting, and equipped with age-appropriate resources. The nursery’s policies and procedures are designed to ensure the children’s physical, emotional, and social security. I have been impressed by the attention to detail and the adherence to health and safety regulations, creating an environment that parents can trust and feel confident about.

The support and professional development opportunities provided by Sawston Children’s Nursery have been invaluable. The management invests in the continuous growth and training of its staff, recognizing the importance of staying updated with best practices in early childhood education. The opportunities for learning, mentoring, and personal development have enabled me to enhance my skills and knowledge, making me a more effective and confident educator.

In conclusion, I am honoured to be a part of the Sawston Children’s Nursery team, and I wholeheartedly recommend this institution to both parents seeking outstanding childcare and education and professionals looking for a nurturing and fulfilling work environment. Sawston Children’s Nursery has truly set the benchmark for excellence in early childhood education, and I am grateful to be a part of an institution that positively impacts the lives of children and their families.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a member of the Sawston Children’s Nursery family and for the continuous support and encouragement.


The reason I chose to work at the Nursery was firstly that I have always wanted to work in Early Years as well as the position was for a SEN child 1:1.

I love coming to work each day to be with all the children, watching them learn, make friends, and generally have a lovely time in this nursery.

My role is a 1:1 Nursery Practitioner with 2 SEN children in the Preschool Room, as well as supporting all the other children in the class.  I have worked at the Nursery for 5 months.

Sawston Nursery, as I was told very early on, is a “family”, where everyone is friendly, supportive, and caring.  The Management Team have been more supportive than I have ever had in a previous working environment, approachable and understanding as have all the other members of the Sawston Nursery “Family”.


I started working at Sawston Nursery as a young, quiet, inexperienced assistant with little knowledge of where this new job would take me. All I knew then, was that I wanted to care for children. 18 years later, I am still here, with increased confidence, where I have worked my way up to become part of the fantastic management team, enjoying every minute of it. Watching children become engrossed in new experiences, achieving something they have been working on or hearing them champion on their peers are some of my favourite parts of my role. I enjoy sharing my experiences and knowledge with new Apprentices whilst watching them fall in love with the job as I did all those years ago.


Working at Sawston Nursery brings me closer to my calling which is caring and supporting children in their development and wellbeing. 

I love the strong attachment we make with the children and seeing the happiness on their face make each and everyday special. 

I started working as Sawston Nursery 4 years ago as a Nursery practitioner, then became a deputy room number a year ago and now I feel very proud to have reach the role of room leader. All thanks to all my colleagues who have helped me reach this amazing achievement. 

Sawston Nursery have an incredible support team and I feel safe and accepted for who I am. 

Great family working environment.


After being absent from the world of work for five years and caring for my partner, I was excited to join Sawston Nursery but also anxious. I needn’t have worried as I have never felt so welcome or supported. I feel I could chat to management and all staff at any time to discuss anything, and that is a rare and pleasant find.


What I love about Sawston Nursery is that I have the opportunity to further develop my understanding of child development. Furthermore, I am able to provide quality care and interactions with children.

I think if you love children and like working as part of team, Sawston Nursery is the right place to be.


I started working at the nursery back in 2012 as a lunch cover assistant. I immediately knew that I had found my vocation.

With support and training from my colleagues and the management team I quickly progressed and gained my level 3 diploma in childcare and was encouraged to apply for the room leader position in our baby and toddler rooms soon after.

The knowledge I have gained over the years makes me wish that I had started a career in childcare much earlier. Not only is it a fulfilling job, but the role also offers invaluable skills in raising children which have been beneficial with raising my own two boys (who are now towering teenagers!)

Each day offers a new challenge, but the rewards, satisfaction and fun the children give back make the job worthwhile and satisfying.

I have to say, that I look forward to going to work each morning and enjoy my career I have chosen working at Sawston Nursery.


I enjoy working for Sawston Nursery as they make me feel valued and support me both professionally and personally.


I have been working at Sawston Nursery for almost 5 years and I am fortunate to be part of a fabulous team of individuals with varied skills and knowledge of childcare. Sawston Nursery is a lovely place to work where we consider ourselves to be a family of professionals who provide excellent care for children. I thoroughly enjoy my role and look forward to coming to work each day where I am able to use my skills and support the daily running of the nursery.


I have been working for Sawston Nursery for nearly six years as the Head of Nursery/SENDCo. I am committed with my team to ensure children attending the nursery have the best start in life and feel safe, secure, and welcomed. The nursery is a lovely place to work, and I am proud to be part of a dedicated team of passionate nursery practitioners who support me in the running of the nursery.


We asked some of the children at Sawston Nursery, “What do you like doing at Nursery?”

I like to play outside with my friends.


I like Nursery and we get to eat our food all together on one table.


I like to play with all the toys at Nursery.


I love everything at Nursery.


I like cooking pancakes in the kitchen.


I draw a caterpillar on the board. I use white chalk.


I like running in the garden.


I like to squeeze the water with the purple one. (Pipette)


I like the toys, they are quite special. I like beebots and now we are learning about Space.


I like drawing my family and I put my name on my pictures now.


I like all the toys at Nursery. I like doing painting and stamping and drawing.


I like trucks. I like pickup trucks. I like digging in the sand.