Fee rates from 1st September 2022


Days Attending Nursery

    1 2 3 4 5

Monthly Fees

  £ £ £ £ £ £
Aged under 2 81.48 353.06 706.12 1,059.18 1,412.24 1,606.42
Aged over 2 74.76 323.95 647.90 971.85 1,295.80 1,469.11
Aged over 2 & receiving NEF grant after age 3 46.08 199.37 398.74 598.10 797.47 904.46

Hours claimed through the Nursery Education Funding Grant for children 3+ will be deducted from invoices upon completion of the relevant claim form each term.

  • Fees for Day care are payable monthly, e.g. (Weekly Fee x 52 weeks)/12 months
  • Sawston Nursery is registered with OFSTED and we are able to offer the Early Years Funded Entitlement spread over 50 weeks of the year. (We do not offer term time places to children in the nursery)
  • The maximum number of hours available at Sawston Nursery, which is open 51 weeks is 2 hours per funded session. For example, if your child attends the nursery five full days a week you will be entitled to 20 hours free childcare education per week. The funded hours for other patterns of attendance will be worked out on a pro rata basis, with each full day attended attracting a maximum of 4 hours funded depending on eligibility.
  • The Universal funding is available to all children the term after their third birthday.
  • Universal Entitlement is available to all 3 and 4 year olds who are entitled to a maximum of 570 hours of free early education per year.
  • Extended Entitlement 3 and 4 year olds of working parents may be able to access additional 570 hours free early education funding per year if they meet certain criteria. For information please go to the website childcarechoices.gov.uk If you are eligible for the extended entitlement you will be directed to the HMRC webpage to apply and will be issued with an 11-digit eligibility code which you must give to Sawston Nursery.
  • Sawston Nursery is registered to accept children in receipt of the Funded Two’s scheme if space permits. Some two year olds are entitled to a maximum of 570 hours free early education funding per year. To find out of you are eligible you can apply online Cambridgeshire.gov.uk/free2s or call the Education Welfare Benefits Team on 01223 703220
  • Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) is extra government funding to support the educational outcomes for eligible children. The money received can be used by the nursery to support your child’s learning and development by improving the teaching, learning facilities and resources with the aim of impacting positively on your child’s progress and development.You can apply at www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk

    If your child is in receipt of Disability Living Allowance, we may be able to obtain Disability Access Funding to support the access of your child. The particular funding allows the setting to make initial reasonable adjustments and to build the capacity of the setting to support disabled children.

  • Financial help towards the cost of childcare is available through the Family Tax Credit where appropriate. Advice on how to obtain this can be supplied by John Huntingdon’s Charity.
  • When a place is offered at the Nursery a returnable deposit equivalent to two weeks’ fees is required to secure the place. This payment will be credited to the last fee payment made to the Nursery, excluding pre-school term time only children.
  • The Nursery also accepts Childcare Vouchers – a salary sacrifice scheme operated by employers that provides a saving in tax and National Insurance.
  • Fee payments are accepted by Standing Order, BACs or Childcare Vouchers. Please use your child’s name as the reference. Cheques and cash are no longer accepted.
  • The Nursery funds a scheme to help families in receipt of income support or jobseekers’ allowance by offering free meals for term time only children. To claim, the nursery needs sight of an appropriate letter or allowance claim book.
  • The Nursery is open all year apart from Bank Holidays and the Christmas/New Year period. Allowance for these closures has been made in determining the fees.
  • Nursery is also closed for two days a year for staff training purposes, any child who usually attends that day is refunded on the relevant months invoice. Parents are advised of the day in advance.
  • One month’s written notice is required when a child leaves the Nursery or amends their regular booking.