S.N.A.P News – September 2016

Hopefully many of you will remember the Summer Garden party held at the beginning of July: this was a big success and we would like to thank all of the nursery staff, parents and local businesses who supported this event on the day or by donating raffle prizes. 

We are very proud and pleased to say we raised a total of £780 on the day and we have to say a big thank you to Barclays who have matched the amount we raised on the raffle, so we made a grand total of £1148.

Some of the money raised by S.N.A.P this year has already been spent on purchasing new cameras that the children can use and we now look forward to helping buy more equipment and support the nursery.

However, we unfortunately are unable to continue with our fundraising efforts as we cannot continue to keep S.N.A.P going unless we can fill a vacant position on the committee.  Our chairperson stepped down at the AGM in June,and we were unable to fill the post at the AGM. Disappointly, we only had one non committee parent attend our AGM. We are looking for another parent volunteer to either take up the post of chairperson or if prefered, treasurer or secretary as the current treasurer and secretary are willing to change roles if this enables S.N.A.P to continue.  We have also lost additional people from the committee as their children have moved on to school and so we are also looking for more new parents to help in our fundraising efforts.

SO PLEASE COME AND JOIN US.  We try to do 2-3 fundraising events each year and the more people we can get involved the easier this is to generate ideas, plan and do the event.  We meet approximately every 2 months, but this planned around everyone’s availability.  We would usually meet more frequently closer to an event.  Please give some time to help: it benefits all our children and is a great way to support the nursery and staff.

We plan to get together at the end of September, once everyone has had chance to settle into the new term.  Please help us so that this doesn’t become our last meeting.  We will let everyone know the date via Facebook or our notice board in reception. If you are interested in joining us please contact Jane Scanlon (current secretary) or Steph McFarlane (current treasurer) via sawtonnursery.snap@gmail.com, or talk to us directly. Alternatively contact Tina or Clair who will be able to pass on your details.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.