Play is the business of childhood

It is through play that a child becomes an enquirer, an experimenter, an explorer. Play sets the stage for learning.

Children are motivated to learn by their own curiosity. Activities such as sand and water play, art, craft, creative activities and imaginative and construction play are all available to the children, both indoors and outdoors.

Learning experiences are carefully planned and evaluated by the staff at Sawston Nursery in accordance with legislation such as the Children Act 1989, the Qualifications & Curriculum Authority National Curriculum (first published 2000)- Early Learning Goals and Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage. Our curriculum has the following aims:

  • to develop a child’s ability to use initiative and make decisions about what to do and how to do it
  • to develop the child’s self-discipline and ability to identify personal goals and complete self-chosen tasks
  • to develop the child’s ability to work with other children and adults so that work done is a result of group planning, co-operative effort and shared leadership
  • to develop the child’s ability for self-expression, so as to speak, write or share through picture or movement their experiences with others
  • to develop the child’s ability to apply reasoning in a wide range of situations and using a variety of materials
  • to develop the child’s creativity, spirit of enquiry and openness to knowledge and other people’s points of view.